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Towards Pure Love and Harmony Since 1991
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How often should I take my dog to the groomer?

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  • Elizabeth Lange on

    I wash my dog every other day and the paws and bum every time we come back from outside he sleeps with me and sits on the furniture why wouldn’t I wash him everyday ! and the groomers yes I go as much as I can the only problem is they are always booked in my area but oh well we do what we can but yes so true who would wash their dog every six weeks thats just nasty in order to be clean and keep your home fresh especially with pets I would say bare minimum is once a week but that’s just me.

  • Juanita Hernandez on

    hehehe thank you sasha my girlfriends always laughed at me for taking my baby in every week and i was like hello she sleeps in my bed love the shampoo so clean and gentle love love it

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