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Towards Pure Love and Harmony Since 1991
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Poem Submitted by community member


Go back to the place where it all began.
Acknowledge those who were present and those who were not.
The place we took our first steps in glory and in strife.

Your journey was long and strenuous, now that you are here rejoice and exhale.
You are not alone behind you the support of all your ancestors is propelling you forward
Your left side is of your mother wise strong yet gentle your right side is your father confidant assertive and self-assured.

You are never alone the pure love that created you is always present is can never be destroyed nor taken away. It does not need words nor does it require any explanation the proof that it exists is your life; every inhale and every exhale, we are breathing not only for ourselves but for them as well. Your victories your glories they share wholly, just as every tumble and strife they feel sorrow for and grief as their own.

- anonymous

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  • Juanita B. on

    Yes this is lovely always knew we are not alone we have strength and support! the blood of our ancestors is pouring in our veins.

  • Ashley Simms on

    This is powerful stuff growing up I had a really though time with both of my parents, as an adult I always carried this grudge or burden on my shoulder, once I started opening up expressing the way I feel all the anger and burden melted away. I accepted my parents for who they are and did not try to change them or to idealize the relationship the way I thought it was supposed to be. I simply accepted and loved. Thank you to whoever submitted this keep em’ coming <3<3<3

  • Deb J. on

    This is truly touching and inspiring I always knew Jesus was by my side, but always felt the presence of other spirits as well thank you to the person who submitted this.

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