Towards Pure Love and Harmony Since 1991
Towards Pure Love and Harmony Since 1991
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The Sasha Riess Difference

The skin is your dog’s biggest organ. Everything we put on our dogs skin will get absorbed into the blood stream and will attempt to be metabolized by the body.

Due to the synthetic fragrances used in most other products, allergens and skin irritations can occur. Many products, if not most, contain synthetic dyes, perfumes, parabens, and detergents.

Not only are these chemicals highly irritating to the dog’s skin and eyes, but also to the skin of the pet owner. Allergies to these fragrances are most often expressed internally on the liver and other organs as well, causing permanent damage and taking years from the dog’s life.

With this in mind we at Sasha Riess have create the world’s purest dog shampoo and conditioner being 100% metabolizable. Our hypoallergenic formula is safe and highly effective for all coat textures and colors.

We use only the finest and purest ingredients beginning with the water, the largest component in all cosmetics.

We are the first and only brand who uses pure Thermal Spring Water in all of our cosmetics.

Rich in minerals and antioxidants only nature can provide.

Thermal Spring Water; Heals skin problems,  soothes and calms the skin, and promotes the growth of thicker fuller coat follicles.

The high concentration of antioxidants and minerals in the spring water allows our other natural ingredients to deeply nourish and care for your dog’s skin.

Pure Love and Harmony  is safe and hypoallergenic, it is safe for puppies and for all sensitive areas around the face including inside the ears.

Free of synthetic dyes, parabens, perfumes, and detergents Pure Love and Harmony is all you need to create a holistic bathing routine that will elevate the bond you share with your pet to a higher realm.

We believe bathing your dog should be relaxing and enjoyable. Take the stress out of bath time. Our approach is simple; groom your dog to fit your life style.

When we incorporate a holistic cleansing routine, the bond we share with our pet will elevate to a higher realm.

Add Sasha Riess Pure Love & Harmony to your grooming supplies today!






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  • Jasmin Baez on

    i love this product it leaves my dog smelling divine it’s so gentle that i can use it every other day and the more i use it the better the coat quality gets highly recommended

  • Lauren Michaels on

    so simple yet so effective i dont know how you guys did it but this stuff does better on my show poodles than the most expensive product out there hats off

  • Barb P. on

    after using this I wont use another product it works wonders it gets the job done quick without any hassle or complication its so simple one formula for all dogs all colors all coat types. it can’t get any simpler than this… the more complicated they try to make it sound the more they are trying to pull a fast one. i hope this helps thanks Barb

  • Jasmin B. on

    I am in love with these products they are so simple yet perform wonders my two Yorkies have severe allergies and this is the only thing they can tolerate

  • Cynthia Crow J. on

    I love that your company is so transparent and only uses all natural ingredients get all the junk out if you would not use it on your self dont use it on your dog.

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