Towards Pure Love and Harmony Since 1991
Towards Pure Love and Harmony Since 1991
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The Difference is in the Water


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  • Jessica Miller on

    omg I am in love with this shampoo and conditioner my lil Yorkie has never had better hair silky smooth and full. This product really does make bath time a joy and the plus is I can use it every other day since its soo gentle I longer have to fear taking Mimi to the park or beach

  • Jenevieve G. on

    terrific I use spring water on my face and I know the difference it makes so great to be able to offer this type of hydration and comfort to my Gigi I can already tell her hair is growing in thicker and fuller truly amazing stuff <3<3<3

  • Heather Snow on

    this is truly miraculous I have virtually tried every product under the sun for my short hair Chihuahuas and nothing seemed to help soothe the itch and alleviate the irritation getting any type of moisture on their skin would immediately cause irritation. Not anymore thanks to this I even had my friends who’s a chemist look at this stuff and he stated that it must be the water since the other things inside are common ingredients. Whatever it is im so thankful that I no longer have to feel guilty after bathing them thanks to sasha riess this stuff is truly pure love harmony

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