Pure Love       8.5 oz/16.9 oz/1.19 gal

Pure Love 8.5 oz/16.9 oz/1.19 gal

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Uncompromising quality, simplicity, and extraordinary results is what you can expect when incorporating Sasha Riess cosmetics into your life style.

Pure Love: Foamy, rinses easily, provides extra gentle care for all skin and coat types. Revolutionary formula, with 7.5 times more efficient moisturizing effect than the best selling premium shampoo on the market. Opens the hair cuticles better than any other product, yielding the ultimate results.

Sasha Riess Pure Love, contains a carefully selected combination of mild surface active ingredients, suitable for use on all types of coats. Pure Love gently and thoroughly cleans hair and undercoat, leaving a protective layer, which further protects and nourishes the coat. Natural bio-lipid emollient and active components jojoba oil, panthenol, and Aloe Vera gel help the coat look healthy and prevent skin irritation. The mild formulation without parabens and allergens is suitable for white coats, puppies, and dogs with sensitive skin. After using Pure Love, the coat is clean and shiny, with a pleasant, relaxing all natural scent. 



The Difference is in the Water

Unique and distinctive formula which cannot be recreated anywhere in the world.

Our patented formula contains high amounts of fresh spring water sourced from the ancient Pannonian Sea, rich in minerals only nature can provide... read more. 

Suggested Use:

Apply Pure Love to wet coat. Depending on the degree of coat/skin soiling Pure Love may be diluted with lukewarm water up to a 1:20 ratio. To achieve maximum results, rub in and massage to create a luxuriant lather, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Repeat once more. After Pure Love, apply Harmony to moisturize the coat and skin. 

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