State of the Art Dog Styling - Model Dog Extravaganza

Sasha Riess Model Dog Extravaganza Project at its finest  challenges your knowledge, physical capability and artistic vision while sparing any live dogs from enduring hours on the table to perfect their coat and form.

At Sasha Riess World, our mission incorporates the welfare of dogs into all that we do, even while recognizing the artistic urges that drive and motivate top dog stylist worldwide.

Work on the Model Dog, which can stay on a table for you countless hours, and whose “coats” can be switched out as needed while the artist learns to perfect each hair within the form they wish to achieve.

No longer do you have the excuse of poor behavior on the table or physical limitations of the dog you wish to groom!

This way you will push yourself  over your limits, allow you to experiment freely and reach levels you may have been unable to before in your sculpting and creative grooming.

Working on a Model Dog allows you to build a foundation for your own Free Flow of Excellence as an ultimate life goal.

Enter the magic world of Pure Love and Harmony Model Dog Extravaganza Project  with Sasha.