Groom your dog to fit your lifestyle...

The Sasha Riess Signature Salon emerged from a career spanning three decades serving the man dog relationship. Sasha Riess has devoted his life to understanding and serving companion dogs, his life vision includes a world where mankind walk beside one another in perfect harmony just as today the dog walks besides us.

Having gained an incredible amount of knowledge relating to the way people relate to their dogs Sasha Riess developed his revolutionary bathing shampoo and conditioner designed with pet owners in mind. The powerful formula removed all unnecessary components and synthetic compounds, the result is a shampoo and conditioner so pure and gentle it became known as Pure Love and Harmony. To learn more about Sasha Riess Laboratories please click here.

Dedicating his life to serving dogs his journey led him to shift his career path from the professional dog industry to entirely focusing on how to increase the success pet owner’s experience living next to their dogs.  His book Man and Dog Masters of the True Relationship has helped countless of people understand and resolve their dogs troublesome symptoms and behaviors. The second edition featuring two additional chapters is scheduled to be released fall of 2020.

Elevate the relationship you share with your pet to a higher realm.

The conservative advice we often hear from pet experts is to take your dog to be groomed every six weeks, this passé routine does not work for everyone. In order to maintain a healthy home and family environment we are spreading the message of pure love and harmony. The more frequent the visits to the groomers the faster the treatments are.

Increasing the dog’s well-being and decreasing stress is an integral part of Sasha Riess, which is why we strive to make every treatment last under 60 minutes. The Sasha Riess Signature Salon does not use any cages or crates and the treatments are done one dog at a time.

Groom your Dog to fit your lifestyle!

We value and respect your needs. Sasha Riess will give recommendations and maintenance suggestions however; the services are fully tailored and customized to your needs. Any special requests and additional services sought will be honored.