Global Partner Distribution


Thank you for your interest in Sasha Riess World.

As a rapidly growing organization we are continually looking to spread our message of Pure Love and Harmony to all regions of the world.  

Covering vast areas of the globe today ranging from Europe to Australia and New Zealand our global distribution system reaches our esteemed  community  seamlessly.

The past year has been most gracious to us. Having recently celebrated our newest appointed distributor in Korea, we are very excited to bring Sasha Riess World into all of the territories covering East Asia and beyond.

2020 came in with a huge bang. Our United States channel blossomed, we are thrilled to be able to offer over night delivery to amazon prime members. 

We would love the opportunity to further discuss a working relationship with you.

Providing a mutually rewarding relationship is our primary aim in any undertaking.

Please send us a message so we may reach out to you.

Thank you.

With Love,

Sasha Riess 





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