In challenging times, people may experience a variety of feelings: confusion, fear, hope, etc. We do not always recognize that we have freedom of choice in how to respond.

One way we can help ourselves is to be decisive and take positive actions toward a happy, healthy, and successful future. And in the face of things beyond our individual control, good coping skills are important.

One thing we’ve learned? It helps to have a companion dog at our side!

People turn to dogs for emotional support, and in return, dogs give their humans every ounce of loyalty they have. It is a special bond, unlike anything else. At Sasha Riess, we are dedicated to promoting love and harmony between humans and dogs.

Many of you are already longtime fans of our products, honored members of our global brand community. We appreciate you beyond measure, and have turned our thoughts toward how to better share with you the growth of our brand. Today I’d like to introduce you to a special program for pet owners called Sasha Riess Pet Care Consultants.

The goal of this program is to unite the world of pet care—for owners, by owners—through unified knowledge, practical solutions, and a healthy dose of love, harmony and shared success.

Our vision for the program includes a growing number of knowledgeable pet parents rewarded for their understanding and advocacy of Sasha Riess philosophy created with pet families in mind.

Today, the world’s pet families need trusted products and insights more than ever. Millions of pet owners are alone, at home, without guidance and services from the professional salon services many pet owners have come to rely on.

The Sasha Riess Pet Care Consultants program seeks to empower pet owners to become more confident and skilled at fulfilling their pet’s basic hygiene and handling needs, and to help spread our brand message of simplicity, love and harmony in daily life with our pets.

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With Love, Sasha