Sasha Riess Club 24


Even though I retired from grooming client dogs, far back in 2013, I have decided to return to the actual grooming business. After all of these years of growing my grooming academy and preparing great products, I still miss grooming clients’ dogs. This comeback will have very special meaning to me and I have prepared an amazing way of serving my clients. 

YES!! I have decided to serve again, just in a slightly different way. I am doing it through a new project that I have named Sasha Riess Club 24.

Sasha Riess Club 24 - Care to Inspire is an amazing opportunity for 24 Club members to leave a legacy to the community through the life of their pets and to inspire society by bringing pet care to the ultimate level. 

Today, more than ever, man’s best friend fills our life with love… it is a beautiful experience! Every pet is a story in itself, an art of nature that deserves special treatment. We are devoted to making every pet feel like a real star through being a member of Sasha Riess Club 24, because through the love that our pets unconditionally give, they are in essence just that.

Sasha Riess Club 24 Services 

Membership is limited to 24 clients only.

Each of 24 dogs I serve, on a regular basis has their own appointments over the period of one year depending of coat quality, age of the dog and lifestyle of the pet family.

Every dog has his own tool collection that is used only to provide custom service to every Club 24 member. Also, every dog has his own custom made cosmetic line for nourishing the coat and skin.

Participation in Sasha Riess Club runway shows (spring/summer and autumn/winter) 
Full page in the annual Sasha Riess Club 24 Catalog 

Our Salon location can provide

  • full discretion and secrecy
  • fully secured location if the any protocol requires it 
  • closed floor during the treatment
  • any other requests at customer convenience 

Sasha Riess Club 24 - acceptance protocol (only 24 club members to be served)

  1. Complete the application
  2. Pay nonrefundable application process fee - $500
  3. You will be scheduled the interview 
  4. If accepted signing the contract 
  5. Pay the annual Club 24 membership fee


Sasha Riess Club 24 year membership fee

- silver $ 10.000

- gold $ 15.000

- platinum $ 25.000 

- waiting list $5000 - nonrefundable or advance payment if accepted. 

Membership fees are to sustain public support of the Club 24 activities, in order to create attention and have possibilities to influence dog owners to provide maximum possible good care for their pet companions. 

Sasha Riess Club 24 member pet treatments start at $510. (hourly rate ) 

It is such an amazing opportunity to serve pet industry on a different level and inspire and motivate all of you who want to help me achieve my vision:

To support the concept of the relationship between humans and animals that live in the same life space, having the goal to bring this amazing community into a complete harmony.

Sasha Riess Club 24 - Care to Inspire, it is serving for legacy

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