Sasha by Sasha Riess The Gold Standard Shampoo

Sasha by Sasha Riess The Gold Standard Shampoo

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The worlds premier pet cosmetic line now featuring pure 24k Gold

Allow your self and your beloved four legged companion to indulge in pure 24k gold. The first and only of its kind The Gold Standard Shampoo, was created to symbolize the bond with our dearest companions just as gold a bond so strong and pure it is virtually indestructible.

Our extraordinarily pure 24k Gold acts as a gentle scrub removing any fine particles which may be embedded on skin or tangled on the coat. The pure 24k gold further stabilizes our formula allowing all the natural active ingredients to deeper penetrate and act on the coat and skin. Numerous studies have documented golds high antioxidant richness and health benefits.

As with all of our cosmetics we promise a tearless, puppy friendly, gentle cleansing formula.

The Finest All Natural Active Ingredients:

Nourishing aloe which; cleanses, hydrates, has natural healing potency and acts as a highly anti-inflammatory agent, contains high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins A&C.

Generous Jojoba; ensures ultra-long term hydration, heals dry skin, promotes healthy shine and silky smooth texture on straight coats, adds bounce and volume to curly textured coats, contains vitamin E & B-complex which help repair skin and control damage.

Lavishing Lavender; has soothing, calming  and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces redness or blotchy patches on the skin, reduces stress and anxiety, disinfects skin, enhances blood circulation; non-comedogenic.




The Gold Standard Shampoo: Apply the shampoo to damp hair. Depending on the degree of coat/skin soiling the shampoo may be diluted with lukewarm water up to a 1:20 ratio. To achieve maximum results, rub in and massage to create a luxuriant lather, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Repeat the process if necessary.  After shampooing, use The Gold Standard Conditioner.


                          The Difference is in the Water

 Unique and distinctive formula which cannot be recreated anywhere in the world.

 Our patented formula contains high amounts of fresh spring water sourced from the ancient Pannonian Sea, rich in minerals only nature can provide.The Pannonian Sea which existed during the Miocene and Pliocene epochs stretched all the way from central Europe to the the Aegean Sea. The remnants of the former Pannonian Sea include modern-day Northern Serbia.

The spring water used in all of our cosmetics is confined in an aquifer deep beneath the earth under layers of rock and sand. These layers create a natural filter, protecting the water from the air and pollutants. Our exceptionally pure water is uniquely nourishing partially due in part to its unusually low levels of total dissolved solids (TDS), naturally occurring in all water sources. The mineral-rich spring water which is today pumped through wells is what makes Sasha Riess cosmetics able to achieve such amazing results.  

Rich mineral deposits contained in water, perfectly balanced by nature and sourced with respect and gratefulness; combined with other ingredients carefully extracted from nature help strengthen the coat and promote the growth of new stronger hair follicles. These benefits arose from perfectly stabilized active ingredients, making Sasha Riess cosmetics unique products that cannot be recreated by any lab.  Produced with love and respect to nature, these products will provide you and your beloved pet all you need to create the most memorable moments to last a lifetime.