Miami Winter School 2020

Miami Winter School 2020

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The time for new directions…

Fresh views. A splash of blue ocean. A sunlit getaway to help you rediscover the art inside the craft of grooming. An intensive, hands-on experience to refresh your focus and train closely with a master of harmonious expression.

The Sasha Riess Miami Winter School.

A moment in time just for you.

Join us


Event Schedule Includes:

Thursday, 4th January - Welcome Cocktail Party

Friday, 5th January - Poodle Seminars and Workshop

Saturday, 6th January - Salon Trendy - Asian Style Seminars and Workshop

Sunday, 7th January - VIP ONLY- Breakfast and Panel Discussion : Beyond the Groom : How to Grow Your Brand

Monday, 8th January - One on One classes with Sasha Riess

Tuesday, 9th January - Beautiful Dog-Beautiful Life, Sasha Riess Class for Doggy Moms


if you purchase All Event Tickets you will get the access to Sasha Riess OnLine Academy so you will be getting your course material right away. You can prepare yourself for Miami Winter School even prior January, this valuable access will allow you spend weekly webinars and one on one coaching session with Sasha. 


Location of the event is:

DoubleTree by Hilton
Miami Airport & Convention Center (MACC)
711 NW 72nd Ave
Miami, FL 33126


Message from Sasha..


Hello and welcome to the Miami Winter School. I want to share a little of my philosophy before you enroll and arrive, so we can feel in harmony from the first moment of meeting and be ready to share knowledge and a deeper sense of learning.

As the New Year approaches, and you consider how to refresh yourselves and gain new insights, you may feel a need to be different…to change.

In this, I urge you to think of what being different really means. Our culture often says that to be successful, we must differentiate ourselves. In this belief, I spent much of my life and career, shaping myself into what I thought I should be. It wasn’t until later that I began to question what I was doing: What did it mean to be different? Different from whom? How could all this work to attain someone else’s idea of perfection be the path to differentiation?

Many days passed until I recognized this. I had wanted to be different, yes. But not from others. I had been trying to be different from myself.

It required strength and courage to turn that around and learn to respect my own qualities. The message had been there all along, coded deep inside of me, waiting for me to realize it. So this is who I am, I am different.

Therefore I dedicate this welcome to each of you in your search for change. It is my belief that we each find our true differences—that unique value we bring to the world—when we couple technical skills with the ability to harness the grace of our inner selves. And toward that goal, I hope I can give added strength as you pursue your dreams.

So, this is my goal!

And how can you get to yours? How should you take the advantage of this moment to free yourself from routine and discover your difference?

The road that has brought you here is art. THE art. You and I share a passion for the art of grooming! In this we are alike. How our passions for art are realized will vary in subtle ways because of who we are inside and where that understanding takes us. As the students of one artist develop their own signatures, you will develop and refine yours as we travel this road together.

Our school emphasizes classic disciplines. But it also opens the door to the design of new forms and shapes by listening to your heart, letting your fears, emotions, happiness and sorrow come through. This is the magic—or what I call the free flow of excellence. At the same time, we apply science, mathematics, discipline and technique. Because nothing beautiful comes from chaos.

Once you find your difference, I am confident it will become your biggest strength. And if your experience is at all like mine has been, you can be sure it is the most direct path to inner peace.

Join me on this amazing journey, Join me in Miami...

With love,