Sasha Riess Autumn School of Grooming 2017.

Sasha Riess Autumn School of Grooming 2017.

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Did you ever wonder which profession may reconcile your love towards animals and your need to feel enjoyment throughout your career?



Grooming- Care for pets is a profession which offers precisely what many dream of.

Grooming is not luxury, it is a need of modern man who decided to share his life space with pets.

This is why grooming is the profession of the future.

Therefore, as of today step in to the majestic realm of caring for the man’s best friend.

Seize the opportunity and for one month of duration master the preliminary basic techniques and know-how of one of today’s most demanding professions, as in Serbia so globally.

Am I qualified?

YES-If you wish to start a career in a unique industry of pet care.

YES- Even if you are lacking experience in grooming.

YES- If you have previous experience in grooming.

The only condition is that you love animals.

Time and Date?

Autumn School of Grooming 2017. Is from 23.10-17.11.2017.

Tutoring will be held from Monday to Friday according to plan and program of Sasha Riess Academy at Makedonska 21, in Belgrade.

If you are looking for accommodation, at the Academy suite, 2nd floor, a Hostel is more than happy to accommodate you at price from 6 EUR per night. look for a details at :

What will I learn?

The Autumn School of Grooming program is designed to provide you with basic knowledge and skills allowing you to further ascend independently at later phases in your career.

You will learn:

-Introduction to dog grooming

-Understanding the behavior of the dog

-How to make the best possible condition for the dog in the saloon

-Dog handling in the grooming process

-preparation of the dog

-dog pre-bathing routine

- Additional techniques of bathing

-Identification of the dog dermal condition

-Which products to use and why

-The importance of dog bathing in the right way

-The importance of blow drying the dog the right way

-The importance of scissoring in the right way

-Grooming techniques

-Pre grooming phase

-Shaping the face, paws, legs and body of the dog

-Basic styles of grooming

-Shaving techniques

-Scissoring techniques

-Forming shape on body

-Client relationship

-How to plan your day at the saloon

-Security at the saloon

-Rules for maintaining and reparation of grooming equipment (cost effectiveness)

-How to develop contacts with similar businesses and associations

-What are the possibilities for your career and how to best use them

What is the enrolment procedure?

Simply click on the following link and fulfill the enrolment form and send back to us.

After receiving your enrollment you will be invited for an interview so we may present you the program at the academy.

What is the price of the program of Autumn School of Grooming?

This is a unique chance to enroll the Autumn School of Grooming at price of 500$, for enrollment until 10.09.2017.

After 10.09.2017, a full payment of 600$ is necessary for enrollment.


Do I get a certificate?



YES- all students upon completion of the Autumn Grooming School receive certification of Sasha Riess Academy.

Students which receive grades of 85/100 receive the Grooming assistant title.

For more information please call viber, wht's up  +381 69 626 900

Apply or send a message by clicking at this link