Sasha Riess MasterPiece Super Premium  Custom Made Scissors

Sasha Riess MasterPiece Super Premium Custom Made Scissors

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These unique shears are custom made upon request. We will provide you with the material to allow us to make the perfect handle that will be handmade exactly to your hand shape and size.

Made from rare and the strongest 4116 Steel known as Cold Steel

4116 is fine grained, stainless steel made in Germany.  The balance of carbon and chromium content give it a high degree of corrosion resistance and also the impressive physical characteristics of strength and edge retention.

Edge retention in actual cutting tests exceeded blades made of the 420 and 440 series of stainless steels. Other alloying elements contribute to grain refinement, which increase blade strength, edge toughness and also allow for a finer, sharper super edge.

The Process: 

After purchase, you will be refunded 50% of the purchase price immediately. We will then send you a box that contains special material that is needed to take your hand and fist shape imprint that will be used to custom model your scissor handle.

You will return the box together with the imprint of your fist and hand at our cost and the manufacture of your custom handle will begin.  The time from the date of purchase to the arrival of your new custom made Sasha Riess Super Premium Scissors will be approximately 60 days.

Just before shipping, you will be required to deposit 50% back to complete your transaction to pay the outstanding balance.

The sky is a limit when you just - believe!