Sasha Riess Winners Rosettes by Stefica Lazic

Sasha Riess Winners Rosettes by Stefica Lazic

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While serving the industry as a professional conformation dog handler for more than 20 years, I had the amazing privilege of showing one of most winning dogs of those days. Some of the best memories were the feelings that I had when the judge pointed to my dog as BIS winner.

Now, after all those years, I still recall those amazing memories, through the wonderful trophies I have collected. Every one of them reminds me of something special. And I am happy and grateful now that I have those memories around me.

If you are a show promoter or organizer: Make those memories for someone by awarding these amazing BIS and runner up rosettes to your show winners.

As a beautiful symbol of the time, hard work and dedication the owner or handler has devoted to their dog, these rosettes will extend those memories well into the future, creating a piece of history in someone’s life. This feeling is priceless! I know that – because I am living it!

All of these premium rosettes are handmade by our great rosette artist Mrs. Stefica Lazic of Serbia. For over 25 years she has been developing this amazing work into State of the Art perfection.

Show that you care, because winning is passion, winning is an art and, yes, help them win it in style!