The Doggy Mom Academy
The Doggy Mom Academy
The Doggy Mom Academy
The Doggy Mom Academy

The Doggy Mom Academy

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The Doggy Mom Academy is a 4-week personalized course, designed by famous European dog specialist Sasha Riess.
With the comprised knowledge of over 30 years of experience, Sasha will guide you to become your dog's best friend. By focusing on one major behavior communication ritual every week, the Doggy Mom Academy helps you to understand your dog and to slowly implement this knowledge into your daily life. Weekly 1-on-1 video conference sessions allow you to ask questions and ensure that you can address potential challenges with a professional dog behaviorist.


1. Week - The Food & Feeding Ritual

2. Week - The Departing & Reuniting Ritual

3. Week - The Playtime Ritual

4. Week - The Leash Walking Ritual

Register now to start your journey to a better relationship with your dog. Please allow 24 hrs to receive access and log-in credentials to the learning platform upon enrollment.
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please note: individual results will vary depending on individuals dedication and determination to implement the rituals the academy is not designed to treat, diagnose any major health problems to treat canine illnesses contact your local department of veterinary sciences . Terms and conditions the four week course provides four individual online conference sessions if the student cannot attend the weekly session consecutively a fourteen day grace period is offered, reimbursements are offered if the academy is notified in writing prior to seven days from the date of enrolment, all enrolments are final after the seventh day of enrollment, the course e-learning platform is fully accessible to the student for a duration of six months. Increased number of personal sessions are available for purchase please contact academy@sashariess for questions

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